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 About Sun Clinic

sun clinic

The Sun Clinic is “Baby Friendly & Mother Fliendly” clinic. Sun Clinic has cared for mothers and babies since 1993 and has a great reputation for clinical excellence in maternity care. Sun Clinic offers discreet, traditional consultant-led care in modern facilities.We think that “gentleness” includes the “severeness” that nurtures life, which is the opposite of “easy” being meaningful to the mind and body. Parenting is not easy. To this end, we would like to bring up “smart mothers” and “mothers who understand the starting point of child care” before raising children. Helping babies and their family walk into a happy future Sun Clinic exists as a place to think and walk together.

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Meet the Doctors

Our experienced  doctors are here to provide you with the best care possible to help you achieve your dream of a healthy, happy baby.

Our Services


Private Maternity Services

Your pregnancy is one of the most exciting and important times of your life. At Sun Clinic, we will help you enjoy the journey with the support of our team, in clean and modern private surroundings.

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A warm and welcoming environment​.

While our centre is located in the vibrant heart of Okayama City, it offers a calm and comfort away from the busy world outside. As a building full of greenery, specially designed with our patients in mind, it’s the perfect place to relax and take time to focus on your health and wellbeing with baby.

Sun Clinic






​Nakai 2−15−13, Nakaku, Okayamashi

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